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Body Management Klinik

Body Management Klinik (BMK) is a Toronto based medical clinic run by Dr. Vlade Gagovski who has over 25 years of extensive experience dedicated in aiding and maintaining the body's overall health. BMK's primary goal is to identify relevant risk factors associated with Metabolic Diseases. We provide advice and care to those who may be affected by Metabolic Diseases.

  • -Maintaining A Healthy Body Mass
  • -Risk Factor Identification and Modification of Metabolic Diseases
  • -Lifestyle Health & Nutritional Education
  • -Metabolic Disease Prevention/Screening
  • -Early Detection of Certain Metabolic Diseases
  • -Provision of Nutritional Metabolic and Dietary Therapies
  • -Nutritional Infusions of Vitamins & Minerals aiding in Chronic Disease & Prevention

(All of our services are covered by OHIP)

Looking good, doesn't always mean feeling good. At BMK we believe that every individual should make their health a priority. By determining individual risks factors and dealing with them, our goal is aimed to improve and maintain your overall physical and emotional health.

(PLEASE NOTE: For new patients please print and fill out our New Patient Information Form prior to your first visit. It can be found under the contact tab).

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