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No severe disease or chronic illness can exist in an individual with an intact and fully functional immune system!


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Our Cancer Immunotherapy Center provides warm personal care, and our goal is to be a member of you health team!

Our Center is specifically designed with individual patient care in mind, so that our doctors and staff are able to provide all the necessary personal attention.

Our focus is in treating solid tumour cancers. Those include lung, breast, liver, kidney, brain, bone, and many others. Typically, patients come to us having already been diagnosed, and so we treat all stages of cancer, with our focus being on treating patients who are in stage III and stage IV. Our Center generally sees adults, over the age of 21, and at the present time, we are only accepting Canadian patients.

Since we are not a micro hospital, we do not take on patients who are completely bed ridden, patients who are unable to move their bowels, and patients who require constant oxygen or are suffering from serious acute illness. We feel that patients with conditions such as severe anemia, dehydration, bleeding disorders, acute fever/infections, collections or build up of fluid in the pleural lining of the lungs, pericardium or abdomen (ascites), and low white cell or platelet counts are better off visiting an acute care medical center for initial assessment.

For patients who must travel far distances to reach our Center and thus requiring an overnight stay, we have a program in place with local hotels on discounted rates. The hotel(s) are all located minutes away, and most provide a door to door shuttle service for the patients.

We want to be a member of your medical team, and we do not intend on replacing the care you receive from the other physicians involved in your health care such as your family doctor, Oncologist/Haematologist, Radiation Oncologist, Surgeon, Internist or any other specialist providing treatment for you. We work with them in providing comprehensive care for you!


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