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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The following Q&A are from actual patient questions which have repeatedly been asked by patients over the years.

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Are you a medical doctor?

What is integrative / CAM medicine?

I’m confused about alternative complementary and conventional treatments. Please explain what they are?

I want to have ONLY natural treatments to treat my cancer and boost my immune system, can you offer that?

Why do I need a central line (PICCc line or Chest Port)?

Who will order / install my PICC line or Chest Port?

Do your treatments CURE cancer, do I get a guarantee or warranty from you?

What do you mean by a response to treatment? Is this different from remission?

What are solid tumor cancers?

I was advised to have chemotherapy but I am reluctant to have it because of what I have seen first hand with people who have had those treatments, both family members and friends. How do you feel about chemotherapy?

I have heard from people that radiation is bad for you too much can cause cancer why do you use it to treat patients with cancer?

How long is your treatment program at your clinic? How much does it cost? Do you take on patients with all stages of cancer?

What is your success rate with your treatments?

I spoke with my health team (family doctor and specialists involved in my care) and do NOT feel comfortable in doing the type of treatments you offer?

If I begin treatment at your clinic do I have to pay for the entire treatment up front?

Can I stop treatments if I feel they are not helping me or for any other reason I may have?

Why are your treatments NOT covered by OHIP?

Do you bill my insurance if I have third party coverage?

Can you give me past patients you have treated so I may personally speak with them about your clinic?

Who is responsible for my expenses coming to your clinic?

Do you offer treatment to out of country patients?

Can you provide me with a referral to a clinic outside Canada that i want to be treated at?

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