Cancer Immunotherapy Centers


Providing Help and Support When you Need it Most

No severe disease or chronic illness can exist in an individual with an intact and fully functional immune system!



  • We provide an initial consultation where we thoroughly discuss your diagnosis and treatment options.
  • We assess investigate, treat and do follow up investigations on our individual patients to determine efficacy of treatment(s).
  • We give intravenous (IV) infusions to all of our patient at the Center.
  • We use Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) as an additional treatment modality for our patients.
  • We will work with, co-operate with any member of our patient’s health team who wishes to work with us.
  • We primarily treat solid tumor cancers at the present time.
  • We treat ONLY adults over the age of 21.
  • We can arrange for overnight accommodation at local hotels, at a discounted rate, near our Center.
  • We offer patients who are planning to go through conventional treatment the option of coming in for nutritional Vitamin and Mineral infusions before, during and after their treatments.



  • We do NOT give the impression of false hope to any patient who seeks treatment at the Center.
  • We do NOT take the place of your oncologist, surgeon, radiation oncologist, internist or any other medical specialist involved in your care.
  • We do NOT replace your primary care physician, homeopathic doctor, naturopathic doctor, chiropractor or any other health care professional which you have chosen as part of your health care team.
  • We do NOT provide any EMERGENCY care at the Center.
  • We do NOT perform surgery in the Center, nor do any blood transfusions, or administer oxygen.
  • We do NOT bill any insurance company or third party provider for any service we give, we will give detailed invoices to all patients at the completion of every visit at our clinic.
  • We do NOT provide ANY treatment advice to anyone without having a consultation at our clinic initially.
  • We do NOT do studies at the Center. Treatment(s) at the Center are based upon multiple treatment modalities, which are unique for each patient.
  • We DO NOT offer any Guarantee/Warranty that any of our treatment modalities will help anyone. Due to the nature of the disease, one may see PROGRESSION of the disease inspite of having treatment(s) at the Center.
  • We are NOT able to comment on any treatments offered by other clinics.


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